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Insurers Offering HRAs?

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Question: Do you have a list of insurance companies in California that offer HRA plans?

Answer: HRAs are usually offered by third-party administrators like 105 Concepts, TASC Benefits, and Zane Benefits. In the past, some of the major insurance carriers in California have tried offering fully-insured high deductible health insurance plans packaged or "wrapped" with an HRA plan, but they really were not equipped to handle the medical expense reimbursement part of the arrangement. Typically, third-party administrators will charge a set-up fee to create the documentation and a monthly administration fee to handle the employee reimbursement. In addition, year-end tax-reporting documents are prepared as part of the service. Annual costs for a for a fully administered HRA start at about $1,000 for a small business. Self-administered or document-only HRA plans are available starting at $200.

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