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Wal-mart to market United Healthcare Secure Horizons Health Insurance

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Starting this fall, UnitedHealthcare's SecureHorizons Medicare managed-care plans will be marketed in more than 700 Wal-Mart stores in 30 states just before the Nov. 15 start of the seven-week open enrollment period for Medicare managed-care and prescription-drug plans.

Humana also has a marketing partnership with the giant retailer. Wal-Mart helped Humana sell 3.5 million drug plans -- second only to UnitedHealth's 4.5 million -- and double enrollment in its Medicare Advantage managed-care plans. Humana markets both its drug plan and Medicare Advantage Plan.

The deal gives Wal-Mart partnerships with the two largest Medicare Advantage providers. UnitedHealth has more than 1.4 million people in those plans, and Humana about 1 million.

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Humana not alone at Wal-Mart, UnitedHealth sells Medicare plansThe Courier-Journal

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