Best Breast Pumps Covered by Insurance

Getting to Grips with Bump Benefits

If you’re pregnant or planning a baby, then we’re sure that you’re already expecting quite a hefty expense to go hand in hand with your new bundle of joy. With cradles, accessories, and food to consider – the costs that most families will encounter can quickly skyrocket out of control – but did you know that there’s one particular benefit that you could be missing out on?

And that’s where Bump Benefits step up to the mark. They are an online agency that help new mothers to take full advantage of one particular policy within the Affordable Care Act; namely the ability to receive a free breast pump that can be put to immediate use without any catches.

Who are they?

They are a team that genuinely care about the welfare of mothers, and their new born children. They are a group of individuals that specialise in taking care of the technical tasks associated with insurance claims. They are a knowledge, experienced collection of specialists that want to help to save you money. It really is as simple as that.

What can they help with?

You might not know this but under the Affordable Care Act, American insurance agencies are required to provide financial support to new mothers that have policies with them to cover free breast pumps with insurance. This support can often spread to encompass the purchase of a lactation pump – allowing an expectant or new mother to pick a model, place an order, and have the technical processes taken care of by BB.

They offer three quick steps to get started, beginning with a form that you can fill in online. Once approved, you’ll be able to browse their selection of breast pumps and then go on to purchase one under the legislation and coverage of your insurance policy.

And as if that wasn’t simple enough, Bump Benefits will even handle the packaging and shipping to ensure that your pump is with you as soon as your insurance claim goes through.

It’s just like ordering online from a store – in fact you won’t have to touch the insurance papers, nor will you need to answer any intrusive questions. As soon as your claim goes through (which is taken care of by the team at BB), you’ll be free to request a particular pump, and then sit back as it makes its way to you.

To learn more about the brand and how they could help you to receive a free breast pump, simply visit their website today and get in touch with their friendly team.