Thank you very much for being a good agent. It is rare these days to find a competent, knowledgeable, efficient, and courteous human being all in one person. You are one of these scarce people. I truly appreciate the help you afforded me over the telephone, and the assistance you provided in answering my concerns. I also appreciate your taking care of some of the questions that Blue Cross had for me. In brief, my experience has been great and I wish you all the success inasmuch as you deserve it.

Bassam Dib, Berkeley, CA


I am very excited about the level of service that I have received from HealthcareShopper.com. I am pretty techno saavy and yet I approached this process with some trepidation. You and your staff have exceeded my expectations. If you need a testimonial – I am your girl.

Can’t thank you enough!

Audrey Moorehead, MBA   Dallas, TX


Your service has been more than efficient and professional. You have been a great help, thank you for walking me through the process of obtaining health insurance. I will be more than pleased to recommend you to my friends as their health insurance broker. If there is a place to send an email for comments on employees performance I would be happy to comment on your courtesy and professionalism, as well.

Ron Hewski, San Diego , CA


Thank you for your help.  You not only have been efficient and helpful in your service, but it was definitely my pleasure to work with you. I will definitely recommend you and your company to anyone of my friends or family who are in need of health insurance.

Mary Kim, Fremont , CA


I cannot believe it…at this point I thought for sure I was going to be denied (coverage). Thank you so much for helping me, actually us, and for keeping up the communication. Actually, I was mentioning your name to a friend of mine yesterday who graduates college in August…and I will continue to refer you! Thanks again for your help…

Austin Bunch, Lubbock , TX


I already recommended you to my co-workers and they will contact you in couple of months. Thanks again for your professional service and I will let you know if we have any changes in the future.

Hanh Le, Santa Ana , Ca